"Aligned to planning is budgeting and getting the finances right – it is a major Management challenge and obviously is critical for all schools.” (SA Education Department)

“Online Financial Management Systems for Schools”

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Why SmartFin99 for Your School

  • Exceptionally made to fulfill school’s financial management requirements.
  • Fully aligned to Public Financial Management Act.
  • Will save your time, energy and money in managing school finances.
  • Start managing all the school finances on internet for *free
  • Get 1 months’ free trial period.
  • No installation of servers or app.
  • Safe and secured.

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Some of SmartFin99 features   

What does smartfin99 do?


Income & Expenditure

SmartFin99 assist in tracking school income and payment of goods and services. With SmartFin99 you can

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either send email, SMS or print receipts, cheque/eft requisition, petty Cash form and learner statement.Petty cash and cash management is easier much as an email or SMS notification can sent for tracking their levels

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Banking reconciliation and importing statement

Bank reconciliation is much easier as transaction are auto allocated to the accounts then you simply confirm the allocation.



Tracking budget, actual and variance is a click away as all records are linked together in the system. The following

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year budget is prepared by the system then you adjust to your needs.

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Auditing and Reporting

School auditing is much easier as all records and reports readily available of the system.


Assets, facilities and stock management

School buildings, property, textbooks and other assets are managed with this system.


Other services

We also offer BULK SMSs services, we design beautiful websites. SMSs and email communication makes

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communications with parents and stakeholders easy and efficient.

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How to get started?

About Us


Our Higher Purpose

We believe schools are largely managed by committed and responsible SMT, SGB, principal and staff members. Though, they lack tools to efficiency  

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and effectiveness (i.e. without wasting time, money or energy) to fulfil their mandate at easily. SmartFin99 exist to provide with a cost effective software tool to enable schools to easily manage their finances, asset, stock and facilities. 

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Our Vision

To empower every school in Africa through providing a school financial management system that will enable the school management to 

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effectively and efficiently perform financial recording and reporting of school finances, affording the schools time to focus on key tasks. 

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SmartFin99 is an internet based financial management system interface developed mainly for schools and businesses. SmartFin99 uses 

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sophisticated encryption system to ensure the safety of your organization’s information. Our team is continuously monitoring the application to ensure optimal security. Our interface is user friendly and thus easy to learn to use.

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CS Boshomane is accredited by Institute of Accounting & Commerce.



How do I get access to the app?

The SmartFin99 system requires that you have access to the internet. This is mainly due to the fact that the app backs up all new information for safe keeping. The school will then have to be registered as a user.

Does SmartFin99 need active internet connection to work?

Some schools use 3G modem when the internet is down. If there is totally no internet, in the future you can access key functionality such as receipting without internet. Though, it will be for a limited time(one week). This is to ensure that the information is safely stored

We don't know where to begin using the app, how do we get started?

We have a detailed user guide to assist you to learn how to efficiently use the application. We also have a team on standby to answer any other questions that may not necessarily be clear in the guide.

Does the school enjoy the privilege to choose a financial management system?

In terms of legislation, a school is a juristic person and the governing body has the right to choose any administration programme for their finances and administration.

SMS for School

What are Bulk SMS?

Bulk messaging gives an organization an ability to send SMSs to a large audience at the same time.  e.g. Bulk SMS comes in handy when the school needs to communicate to all their stakeholders.

Can we send SMSs using the SmartFin App?

SmartFin is linked with a bulk SMS service. This takes the advantage that the database is already been uploaded on the SmartFin. The feature in SmartFin allows for the school to send an SMS within the SmartFin application.

Are Bulk SMSs affordable ?

Bulk SMS sold in bundles which determines the price, it starts from 29c to 17c per SMS

How do I send SMS?

After, we have imported your contact to SmartFin website. You will login on SmartFin website which will provide with windows send your SMS message.


SmartFin99 Team

SmartFin99 Team

The smartfin99 team hosted a training workshop at Siyazakha primary school. This was indeed a successful event, a lot of local schools attended the workshop. Attendees proclaimed that they have learned a lot from the presentations...

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